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In this eBook you will learn how to compile ChatGPT & Chatsonic Business Proposals prompts to be able to  create Business Prompts to aid in the Management-Reporting Purposes, Funding, Investors and other such Business Proposals where details are revelant and specific.With prompt queries for Business, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing for Businesses helping owners to save both time and money and helping them to adapt their businesses to the new A.I era.

These text prompts have been compiled under license and in partnership with BDMS Business Digital Marketing Services as part of a series.

Included within this eBook you will find the following Prompts for Management-Reporting Purposes Business Proposal Prompts;

The below list is not exhaustive but shows the power that Business Template Prompts can have for all Businesses and why if you are a Business Owner or Manager why you need to understand the power of having the right ChatGPT / Chatsonic / AI prompt query in your toolbox. You will find that many Businesses do not understand that the right prompt format is essential and is the key that opens the door of knowledge. 

I refer back to the wonderful 'Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy where the answer was 42. But the essential thing here missing was what did the answer refer to - what was the question the white mice were asked - that in a nutshell is what we are talking about here. Unless you are able to present your question to the AI platform in a meaningful way, then the AI will respond back with something. But the more specific the question that homes in exactly with what you are searching for, then the less revelance the answer will be and unlike the white mice's answer of 42, it will be any other number but 42. 

 Inside you will find Business Prompt Templates for all of these subject areas and more... 

Product Or Service - Markets Or Industry - Problem Or Challenge -  Opportunity Or Trend - Target Audience - Competitive Advantages - Revenue Model - Marketing Strategy - Growth Strategy - Team Structure - Risk Management Plan - Legal & Regultory Compliance - Distribution Strategy - Brand Identity - Customer Retention Strategy - Scalability Plan - Sustainability Strategy - Pricing Strategy - Innovation Strategy - Market Analysis - Sales Strategy - Strategic Partnership - Operational Plan - Customer Services Strategy - Technology Road-Map - Resource Allocation - Performance Measurement - Project Management Methodology - Value Proposition - Financial Analysis - Branding & Marketing Strategy - Stakeholder Engagement Plan - Competitive Analysis - Organisational Structure - Training & Development Plan - Customer Segmentation - Value Chain Analysis - Customer Journey Map - Project Management Plan - Customer Service Plan - Sales Forecast - Project Evaluation Plan - Intellectual Property Strategy - Market Research Plan - Branding Strategy - Financial Plan - Implementation Timeline - Sustainability Plan - Internationalisation Strategy - Exit Strategy - Legal Framework - Customer Acquisition Plan - Product Pricing Strategy - Marketing Mix - Implementation Plan - Monitoring & Evaluation Plan - Partnership Strategy - Innovation Plan - Expansion Plan - Crisis Management Plan - Evaluation Plan - Impact Assessment - Finanacial Projection - Funding Plan - Social Impact Assessment - Executive Summary - Follow Up Plan - and more...

There are a number of other Business Template Prompts included but this is a good list to get you started. This gives any Business adopting these prompts into their planning and strategising a good head start over their competitors.This gives a competitive advantage to those Business Owners who are able to manage their Business Interests and who can utilise the responses received from AI and integrate into their Business Model.