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 In this eBook you will uncover 32 recipes for airfried side dishes, appetisers, entrees, kiddies meals and desserts. As well as useful tips and advice on cooking times for vegetables, fish and seafood, meats, snacks, desserts and frozen food. It is recognised that airfrying your food is healthier and a more cost effective way of cooking your food and with the current cost of living and rapidly rising energy bills is cheaper than cooking with gas and is fast becoming the preferred way of cooking your food. 

Included within this eBook you will find the following Chapters: 

Tips For Airfyer Use
Airfryer Recipes For Side Dishes
Airfryer Recipes For Appetisers
Airfryer Recipes For Entrees
Airfryer Recipes For Kids Meals
Airfryer Recipes For Desserts
Airfryer Frequently Asked Questions
Airfryer Cooking Times