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This eBook is designed to show the work and career path of World Strength Athlete Dave Gauder. Holder of 26 Guiness Book of Record Entries for amazong strength feats. In addition there are Measure Trackers and Fitness Journal pages for you to print out and use for you. 

Inside you will discover more about Dave's incredible work he does in the Community and his award winning SLAMH Program that has been used in HM Prisons to help the offenders learn how to move on with their lives though a series of fitness programmes. His incredible story really began when as a young lad he was small in body build and found himself being picked on and bullied by other lads in his school years. To over come this he decided to bulk up his body weight and develop his mental strength to be able manage the situations he found himself in. He started to work hard on weight training and gym fitness workouts and placed a high degree on his nutritional and calorific intake in his diet. 

You will also get a MEASUREMENT TRACKER JOURNAL SHEET and a YOUR DAILY FITNESS CHART JOURNAL SHEET which you can print out to use as your own and track your own daily fitness and set your daily targets for yourself that you want to achieve. In addition to these You will get a WORKOUT PLANNER, TRAINING TRACKER,MEASUREMENT TRACKER, WORKOUT TRACKER,CARDIO WORKOUT TRACKER, RUNNING & WALKING LOG and a WEIGHT LOSS LOG. 

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