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This ebBook will help your child to recognise through visual recognition of both the letters and re-enforced with sketched drawing that can be used as a colouring in visual aid. The letters of the alphabet can be traced as many times as required simply by printing out the page or resettign the display screen. This will help your child through their early school years and this will allow them to be able to read and write with a little more ease than having no prior exposure to the letters of the alphabet. 

Inside the eBook you will find A-Z both in capitals and lower case and tips to help your child write out visually the letters. The sketch drawings shown are as follows:

Airplane, Bee and Cap
Duck, Elephant and Frog
Goat, Hat and Igloo
Jam, Keyboard and Lamp
Motorbike, Nest, Owl & Pumpkin
Quilt, Rocket, Sheep & Tomato
Umbrella, Van, Watermelon, & Xylophone
Yacht and Zebra 

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