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Note: Bspoke eBooks has now partnered with BDMS eBook Publications and will be authored with either names.  Currently there are 200 eBook Titles Available and this number is growing - with more title categories being added. To See All Categories Click Here    To See Digital Marketing Click Here    To See Colouring, Games & Puzzles Click Here    To See Food & Drink Click Here To See Business Marketing Click Here    To See Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Click Here    To See Self Help & Motivational Click Here To See Parenting, Family & Relationships Click Here    To See Food, Cooking & Drink Click Here    To See Adult & Children Colouring Books Click Here To See Arts & Entertainment Click Here    To See Education Click Here    To See Children, Kids & Teens Click Here     To See Home & Garden Click Here Bspoke eBooks are made up with a number of Authors who have published their eBooks and are looking for a platform where they can sell and promote their work. Sometimes these Authors are experts in their own rights and others are individuals who have the licensing and publishing rights.  They have teamed up together to be able to deliver to their readers the opporunity to purchase their work without giving the majority share ( something like 30% to 65% of the book sale price in Amazon's case ) to the big epublishers. At Bspoke Marketing our goal is to help support small and medium sized businesses, individuals and Authors.  A regular Report is run to that is sent to the Author to detail the downloads and sales of any of the books.   Instead these Individual Authors have elected to join this platform knowing that they will receive the full 100% of the advertised download price. Bspoke Marketing offers a range of Digital Marketing Tools and specialises in eBook and Video Marketing Software, so this makes for a good partnership. Now Bspoke eBooks is being formed as an off shoot for this purpose. As well as a number of indivduals who are led by Noel Camcushan, Leona Schumac and Sean McClouchan, they are partnered with Shaun Coleman who has won several business awards for his work. Shaun is the brain child behind Bspoke Marketing and Bspoke eBooks and his work is around supporting and advising other businesses to help rebuild their marketing strategy for 2021 and beyond.  For Authors that don't wish their names to be put forward for whatever reason they can still be published under Focussed On eBooks and or Bspoke eBooks as the Author name so their work reaches the public domain. 

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Many people are enjoying reading these eBooks and relaxing using the Colouring Books designed for adults and early learning activities for children.